Recipient Rights Policies and Procedures

Recipients of Pathways services have rights guaranteed by Michigan’s Mental Health Code and other laws.  These rights are outlined in a booklet entitled Your Rights which consumers receive when they begin services at or through Pathways.  If you have questions regarding your rights, contact the Office of Recipient Rights in your area.

Appendix 1:  Notice of Privacy Practice Procedures

Appendix 2:  Access and Schedule of Fees for Copying

Appendix 3:  Minimum Necessary Information Procedure

Appendix 4:  Authorization Procedure

Appendix 5:  Individual’s Rights to Request Amendment and Corrections of PHI

Appendix 6:  Accounting of Disclosures Procedure

Appendix 7:  Pathways Court Order or Subpoena of a Court or Administrative Tribunal Procedure

Appendix 8:  Duty to Ward Procedure

Appendix 9:  Disclosures to Protection and Advocacy Policy

Appendix 10:  Review for Detriment Procedure

Appendix 11:  Abuse and Neglect Reporting Procedure

Appendix 12:  Recipient Request for a Restriction of Uses and Disclosures of PHI Procedure

Appendix 13:  Verification of Identity Procedure

Appendix 14:  ARC/HIV Procedure

Appendix 15:  De-Identified Information

Appendix 16:  Confidentiality and Disclosure Procedure – Co-Occurring Recipient

Appendix 17:  HIPPA Sanction Policy and Procedure

Appendix 18:  Pathways Privacy Practices – Pathways Breach Notification Procedure


Incident Report Policy and Procedure

Grievance and Appeals Process

Recipient Rights System

Notification of Recipients Rights

Complaint Investigation and Resolution

Harassment or Retaliation Procedure

Informed Consent

Minor Informed Consent

Guardianship and Alternatives

Guardianship and Alternatives – Attachment A Alternatives to Guardinship Person-Centered Planning

Worksheet for Consideration of Guardianship and Alternatives – Attachment B

Family Planning Photographing, Taping, Fingerprinting Recipient, Use of One-Way Glass, and Media Release

Abuse and Neglect Procedure


Confidentiality and Disclosure Policy and Procedure

Business Partner/Associate Agreement Procedure

Privacy Definitions

Treatment by Spiritual Means Procedure

Change in Type of Treatment Procedure

Restraint and Seclusion

Dignity and Respect Procedure

Least Restrictive Setting Procedure

Services Suited to Condition Procedure

Access Entertainment Materials, Information, and News Procedure

Comprehensive Examinations

Personal Property and Funds Procedure

Freedom of Movement Procedure


Communications by Mail, Telephone and Visits Procedure

Recipient Rights Complaint Appeals Procedure

Recipient Rights Advisory Committee

Recipient Rights – Co-Occurring Services